Shop FAQ

Where can I buy your work?

Thanks so much for your interest in supporting my work! 'Dial Down the Feminism' prints are now available. You can get the English version here or the American English version here. 10% of all my earnings will go to different charities. For this month (February 2018), the chosen charity is Refuge, a charity which provides specialist support for those experiencing domestic violence.

What's the difference between the English and the American English version?

One letter! The English version has the spelling 'Dehumanisation' whereas the American English version has the spelling 'Dehumanization'.

Are you selling your work anywhere else?

The Redbubble store dialitdown is currently the only shop through which I am selling my artwork. Other stores selling my design (on t-shirts, for instance) are using my work without permission and have not compensated me in any way. If you know of such a store please email me at alexbertulisfernandes[at] - I really appreciate people looking out for me.

Will be there 'Dial Down the Feminism' t-shirts/badges/mugs etc?

I'm working on it! It means the world to me that people want to own my work, and I want people to be able to do that. I hope to release the design on clothing for sure, and am considering mugs etc. However, I'm in my final term of study so things are pretty intense - you may need to bear with me! If you want to be kept updated of any new developments you can follow me on Twitter @alexbertanades, on Instagram @alexattempts, or my public Facebook page. I really appreciate people's patience and support.

Will there be prints of other work?

If you're interested in one of my works as a print then please email me at alexbertulisfernandes[at] and I'll try to make it happen!