Smear For Smear

Response to @OneMinuteBriefs' 'Advertise smear tests' challenge:


Missing People


Just Eat

You have four people coming to dinner. The curry recipe you have serves two. Simple multiplication, right? Only, Sarah can’t take the heat, and James has a gluten allergy. Plus, you’re pretty sure you don't have the onion the recipe calls for. Oh, and you’ve never made this dish before. So, exactly how likely is it that this meal will be a success? Show your answer in the form of an algebraic equation.

Can't be bothered? You know how to take away. Just Eat.


Creative Industry in the North

My entry to @OneMinuteBriefs' ‘Advertise Creative Industry in the North' challenge with @YCC.


One Year Brief

My entry to @OneMinuteBriefs' 'Advertise a One Year Brief’ challenge.